Why Invest In A Newborn Photographer?

Why Invest In A Newborn Photographer?

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When you Invest In A Newborn Photographer, you are investing in a photographer with the correct training and experience. So you’ve seen those dreamy baby pictures on Pinterest and you thought maybe you could do that, how hard can it possibly be right? Well, I can tell you its no walk in the park, not many people will know what goes on behind a newborn photo session.

So, in this blog post, I’m sharing with you some of the key things why parents should invest in a newborn photographer.

baby in white wrap photo

Safe Baby Posing

First of all the most important aspect before anything is being able to pose baby safely. Newborn baby photography is a specialist skill. As a parent myself, I know that I’d only want to put my precious newborn in the hands of someone who knows how to handle them safely. There are poses that if not done correctly can restrict baby’s breathing and damage the internal structure of there tiny little body’s this can potentially be harmful to baby. It is my job to go into every newborn session with this being the most important aspect and parents feel more comfortable throughout the session knowing that their baby is in safe hands.

Baby in parents hands

Not all baby photos are what they seem especially this one where there is an illusion of baby being held up by parent’s hands. It is all done safely and without the proper training, knowledge and experience, one slip up could cause harm to your baby.

Styling and Props

Do you know they are over 10 and more baby poses to capture and limitless ways of creating beautiful images depending on the photographer’s style? It is an art form to be able to style and create such elaborate props to make a beautiful image using different fabrics and textures. Within every photographer’s collection of headbands, hats and outfits you can be spoilt for choice and who wouldn’t want to be. Some props used at Rayah Sunshine Photography are well-sorted through and hand-picked from vendors all around the world, not only that some pieces are rather expensive. When you have your newborn session we get to talk about what styling and colours you would like from your gallery, then we pick and co-ordinate pieces to tailor to your needs.

Why is it so expensive I hear you ask?

You will be investing in a photographer who has experience in how to handle a baby safely, has all the props and fabrics to style your session and also how to photograph your baby in the best lighting, pose and angle that best flatters your new bundle of joy. You are not only hiring a professional with training and experience but someone who will give you the best service possible from start to finish.

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us

Ralph Hattersley

After your photo session, it’s time to edit those images shot straight out of the camera using up to date editing software and retouching techniques. Every good image goes through post-editing to some degree to make it into a great image. I fix up little scratches on their delicate skin, baby acne and give them the glow and freshness whilst keeping baby looking natural.

baby smiling in bowl photograph

And let’s not forget about the fact that you’ve just had a baby?! You’ll feel aches n pains in places that you never thought possible, your hormones will be bouncing off the walls, do you really want to spend your time trying to create a mediocre photo of your baby along with the other million things on your to-do list? That is why I want to be able to offer your photo session in your own home, where I can take out all the stress of even attempting to leave the house down to all the props and equipment needed for your baby’s photo session. I encourage parents to sit back, relax and enjoy watching me take beautiful images for you to treasure. Iv even had some mums catch up on some sleep or house chores whilst I work.

My advice to you if you’re a parent-to-be or a new parent is to not risk forgetting these precious newborn moments! It will only be a short while before your own baby is grown and off to school too!

baby sleeping on arms photograph

Newborn photography IS an art form and it is a craft that I am truly passionate about, to be able to create beautiful, timeless images for parents to showcase in there home is hugely satisfying. For parents to be able to choose me as their newborn photographer is a great honor to be apart of a very intimate and special time in their lives. Not only to capture timeless images for you to love and share but to be transported back to this moment every time you look at them.

When you do hire a newborn photographer, not only are you are choosing to receive beautiful and timeless quality images, you are hiring someone with experience with handling there tiny precious body, someone who will help you create stunning artwork to compliment your style in your home and ultimately someone who knows what there doing. You only get one chance as we all know how fast baby’s grow, this fleeting moment won’t be around for long and before you know it they won’t be able to fit so snug in your arms as they once did.

Jay Saunders a newborn photographer, Essex also knows the importance of capturing those moments. Check her out to see what she is blogging about this week.

Capturing the precious and short-lived moments in your baby’s first weeks with professional newborn portraits is an investment you will never regret. Honestly!

Ready to book your session?

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