What is A Newborn Mini Session?

What is A Newborn Mini Session?

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You may have noticed that I offer two different types of newborn sessions. There is a full standard session and a newborn mini session. There are many reasons why you should choose either one of these when you are looking to book for your baby’s first photoshoot. So I will explain the difference between the two and hopefully, this will give you the pros and cons of both so you can decide which one you would prefer to book.

Newborn Styling

A mini newborn session comes with 5 edited images compared to the standard which can be anything from 20-30 images. You won’t get a lot of variety in your images and there will be limited options to styling.

Perfect fleeting moment to cherish

Your Budget

I understand that everyone will have a budget in mind when looking for a newborn photographer. A mini session is perfect for a couple of images for a wall art collection or as a gift to new parents. There are no hidden agendas, just one price for one session including digital images and printing rights.


As I only take on a certain amount of newborn sessions per month I do highly suggest you book as early. This ensures you have your date secured and you can relax knowing that you’ll get beautiful images of your newborn baby.

With this in mind, I know that baby are rarely born on their due so my calendar is always changing. Last-minute bookings can be accommodated for availability. I ideally tend to plan a session when baby is between 3-14 days old. If however baby is older then the mini session is perfect for older babies up to 8weeks.

Sleeping baby…shhhhh!!!

Photographers Time

If you might have guessed in the name, a mini newborn session will take alot less time compared to the full standard session. There are an hour long and photos will be taken whether the baby is awake or asleep. In a standard session, I aim to have baby nice and asleep throughout their session. This takes time, patience and care and that is why it may take much longer to settle and calm baby into asleep.

Newborn sessions in Huddersfield

My friend Andrea Bradley is a photographer based in Swansea and I absolutely love her style. She’s writing a blog about her Christmas mini photoshoot in Llanelli this week so be sure to check her work out.

Ready to book your newborn session, do you have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in contact over a phone call, coffee or simply an email.

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