Things to do with Baby in Huddersfield

Things to do with Baby in Huddersfield

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One of the things I loved doing when my little ones were just babies was to go to as many baby classes that I could on my maternity leave. After meeting many parents with newborns you can sometimes feel isolated, after all, looking after a new baby can be exhausting, lonely and tiring. That’s why I have compiled a list of things to do with your baby in Huddersfield.

Sweaty Mama

If you are waiting to get back into shaper after you’ve had your baby or you want to get back into an exercise routine but worried about childcare then look at classes with Sweaty Mama. You can bring baby with you to all of there classes and has different classes to suit your pace and needs.

Puddle Ducks – Baby Swimming Lessons

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Things to do with baby in Huddersfield

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to water and the best way is to sign them up to swimming classes with puddle ducks. They firmly believe in baby-led classes so you go at it with your baby’s own pace. Check out the lessons around Huddersfield.

Baby Sensory Classes – Albert Mills

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Baby sensory is great for growing baby as it introduces them into stimulates that push there five senses. They are generally based around a different theme each week like magic, jungle or space. It’s great for meeting other mums and socialising. Check out their website as you will have to book before attending.

Baby Hand and Foot Casting

Having a cast of your baby’s tiny feet and hands to treasure is a must-do. Even in a few weeks you will see how big your baby has grown when looking at the casts of your baby’s hands. There are many DIY kits available online however I would highly suggest going to a professional that can do it for you.

Hannah Willis , newborn photographer, Wirral has some great information for new mums, check out her blog to see what she has been blogging about this week.

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  1. So many fabulous things to do with your baby in Huddersfield.. Looks like all you mummies will be busy

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