Stay Safe Stay Home – Adjusting to life with Covid-19

Stay Safe Stay Home – Adjusting to life with Covid-19

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How are you coping during the pandemic and adjusting to a new lifestyle?

It feels like yesterday that life, as we knew, was ticking on like clockwork. Living and nurturing a family whilst working to earn a living for you and your loved ones. But as soon as we got news of a potential virus in China was killing people I must admit I didn’t take it as seriously as I should and I think we all guilty in this part. I mean look at the many viruses, diseases in the past decades not to mention global warming and natural events that were a threat to human existence and we survived them all.

I thought back to the foot and mouth diseases and ebola and thought Nah it will just fizzle out and its all the way on the other side of the world, there’s no chance it will reach us. Then we started to hear cases spreading around the world and when it caused a lockdown on Italy that was the turning point for me to be like, right this is getting really serious.

Staying at home keeps you and everyone safe!

I live in a busty house with three generations all trying to live their own lives. I was the first to take self-isolation seriously but it was hard with so many people visiting and going on with there daily lives. We got told that Rayah and Zayd’s nursery had to close to help stop the spread and that many more schools and business had to close too. This made me extremely sad as I knew that Rayah loved playing with her friends and she learns so much whilst she is there. Zayd, on the other hand, couldn’t be more pleased about going back.

This meant that I would have to put my business aside which absolutely breaks my heart as I love what I do and to be not able to photograph families with there new babies well saddens me deeply. I know it the right thing to do to help the NHS and stop the virus potentially spreading to other people, I could not live with that guilt.

Enjoy your hobbies and spend time with your children – stay home stay safe

My priority now was looking after my kids and my family. But it’s hard to get clarification into our new lifestyle when we have all just been thrown into uncertainty and fear. I don’t know how long isolation will last and how this will change our lives. All I do know is that we are making the most of what is going on. Stay at home means keeping safe not stuck at home. Spending time with the kids doing baking, making, painting, exploring the list is endless. Walking around our neighbourhood and enjoying the nature that is around us and taking time to notice the little things that we are so fast to look past.

If I was to learn anything during this difficult time is to stop and just enjoy the moment, make the most of right now even more so when lives are taken away from us. I rarely get to take photos of my own children so it’s been great that I can now spend that time making memories and working on our photo albums.

Together we can get through this, stay safe and stay home!

Mya x x

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