The Importance of Printing Your Images – Newborn Photographer Huddersfield

The Importance of Printing Your Images – Newborn Photographer Huddersfield

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The Importance of Printing Your Images

I have always had a love for printed photos ever since I was young. Having a single memory captured and to hold in your hands for you to enjoy, to share is something really special. In the years of my working as a newborn photographer in Huddersfield, I have noticed a lot of my people now more than before really don’t feel the need to print their memories. And I totally understand why, it is so easy to take a photo on your phone and to share multiply images on it to family and friends. I want to tell you why you should print your photos and not just keep as digital files.

Growing up in a big family had its perks. I was the youngest of 7 so there was always lots of fun, drama and it was never quiet. It was also a time when we used a camera to snap photos of us as a family doing all sorts of things, going to different places, at weddings. There are some great photos some really bad ones…well a lot of bad ones, photos of family and friends, even some old black and white photos of my great grandparents. There are thousands of printed photos, all memories of us all growing up together all printed and placed into albums, some loose, some missing and some worse for wear but they were memories. Whenever we have a gathering at my mum’s house we would bring out the albums and just relive those moments, almost like transporting us back to that moment in time and it makes me appreciate the family I have around me.

newborn photography huddersfield album
newborn photographer Huddersfield

What is a Floppy Disc?

We live in an era with lots of picture takers but no photo printers. Accessibility to whip out your smartphone and quickly capture a moment for us to enjoy and share at a later time. But what happens after that? What about in 5 years time? CDs, USB and laptops don’t last forever. The cloud can fail to backup, you lose your phone, thieves like electronics not photo albums. The thought of this makes me sad as it soon makes me realise that the value in photography is lost.

What would it feel like to have your printed photos all hung up on your walls and whenever you see a photo it reminds you of a time, reminds you of a feeling and reminds you to smile! For your children to see the photos of them to remind them how important they are in your family.

My fridge has little moments of us as a family and every time I get the milk, I am reminded of a happy moment, my boy gets to see him and his sister being loved.

It is so important to print what you want to preserve. Printed images to feel, and touch just like an album of photos. There are many apps available that can print your images on your phone. There are loads of options too, you can have your memories made into flipbooks, magnets, postcards or photobooks.

Quality over Quantity

Printing labs that offer super cheap or even free prints may be good for pocketbooks, but be aware that the ink may fade and you won’t be guaranteed longevity. The ink will be of lower quality and your images may print a different shade of colour.

newborn photographer Huddersfield
Huddersfield Newborn Photographer

Try and print quality rather than quantity when it comes to printing your images. If you are ordering prints that you had taken porffesionally then definitely don’t go cheap. The colour spectrum will not match the right colour profile and your images will come out looking cheap. You invested all that money in proffesional photos you want something stunning to show for it.

What to Expect From Rayah Sunshine Photography

My photography business reflects my value in photography and the importance of printed artwork. My ‘Create a Collection’ packages gives you the freedom to pick your tangible product and all of your digital images. My clients love this as they see the value in both and so do I. Digital files are great for sharing with family and friends who live far away and you get something of value to keep in your home.

I have a passion for printed images because I believe in print. my clients can get to look at them every day. They will last a lifetime and then can be passed down to your children as heirlooms. You cannot do that with a USB and you cannot predict that in 10 years’ time technology will bring out another form of storage system that will replace USB. Most laptops don’t even have a CD drive anymore and what about floppy discs? Do you remember them? What if you lose all your pictures on your USB? You will have nothing to show about your life to your children and your grandchildren. These photographs that we take today is the story of your time here on earth, give them the respect and care that they deserve. Go hang those wall pieces on the walls of your home, start those albums that you wanted to put together and hopefully your children will be able to dig them out every time they come to visit you and be reminded of the life you had when they were too little to remember.

All my products are carefully sourced by me and are made from all over the world. They are a unique one of a kind piece and the quality cannot be replicated anywhere else. My wall frames are printed on archival museum quality paper so you can be sure that they can last a lifetime. The cheaper ones that you can print at cheaper online companies or printers at the supermarket are ok. But please don’t expect them to last as they won’t. The colour doesn’t always turn out how they should be and over time the quality will fade.

Just keep in mind, there is no better time to start your legacy than right now. Spoil your children with prints of themselves, you’ll never regret it.

Fellow photographer Amy from Newborns by Amy also knows the power of print. So much that she offers dog photography in Shropshire, check out her blog if you are looking for someone to capture your fur babies.

Rayah Sunshine Photography – Newborn photographer in Huddersfield brings your shoot to your home. Have a browse of what wall pieces we can design for you. Got questions or ready to book a newborn session?

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