Newborn Sessions: Everything you need to know

Newborn Sessions: Everything you need to know

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So I’m guessing if you’re reading this then you are looking for a photographer to take beautiful photos of your new arrival. perhaps you want to know what happens in newborn sessions. As a parent, I know full well how fast time goes when your arrival finally comes and I would give anything to take me back to those early days.

So here is everything you need to know about newborn sessions

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When is the Best Time to Book?

Ok, so this is the first most inportant step you will do if you are thinking about booking a newborn session. The best time to photograph your newborn is between 3-14 days and this is because in the first two weeks of baby’s life, they tend to sleep for longer periods inbetween feeds, are less sensitive to human touch which allows for me to be able to pose baby into those poses to create beautiful photos.

As there is such a short timeframe to capture these precious moments, it is best to book your newborn session during your pregnancy. A booking is made based on your due date and is then confirmed when baby arrives. My advice would be to make sure you put your newborn photographer on the ‘first people to call’ list when you are announcing baby’s arrival into the world!

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Most newborn photographer only take on a certain amount of newborn sessions per month as we put in a huge amount of time, creative commitment and maybe just a little bit of love into each baby session.

After your baby has passed the 2 week mark, your baby will begin to stretch and move around more and will be more challenging to pose. Plus, they definitely won’t want to stay asleep for the majority of the photo session, which is will be hard on both the parents and the photographer.

What if my Baby Arrives Early/Late?

Most newborn photographers will expect the booked session to move around to some extent. I will hold time around your scheduled newborn session and ensure that you have a guaranteed space for whenever baby arrives. Since babies are rarly born on their due dates, my calender is always changing and last minute bookings can potentially be accommondated for.

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Your Bespoke Newborn Styling and Pre-Consultation

Once your session is booked we can then get onto the fun part and that is what stying you would like your images to be? I like to either meet parents for there pre-consultation as it gives you the chance to meet me and we can discuss what exactly you want from your session wither that is the images, the product or having a really great expierance for you to remember your babys first photoshoot.

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On your Newborn Sessions Date

On the day of your photo shoot, I will arrive with everything I need to create your photo session in the comfort of your own home. This is the space that everybody is comfortable with and that is exactly how I want my clients to feel.

As a mother of two, I totally understand that at the beginning of your baby’s first few days, that normal everyday chores can be put on hold so I don’t expect you to clean your house for my arrival. All I ask is that you have your home nice and warm to settle keep baby nice and warm and a small area for me to set up my lighting and equipment.

Here is the part where you can just relax…! When a baby is unsettled or fussy, I have techniques to help her settle back into a nice cozy sleep. I am a full-service photographer so once I have baby I like to take care of her including changing nappy and bottle-feeding. I will usually recommend to feed baby just before your session time, a baby with a full tummy will often result in a sleepy baby for the photos.

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How Long are Newborn Sessions?

The average newborn session lasts anywhere between 2-4 hours. This might sound like a long time but the majority of this time is spent comforting, soothing and feeding baby. Newborn photography is a very specialised genre of photography, it takes patience and care.

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What Do We Need for Our Session?

Be sure to have all the usual things close by, nappys and wipes, muslin cloth, blanket, dummy, extra formula and bottle. Everything baby needs to keep them content!

You should also have a change of clothes for you and your partner, since there’s a good chance you may get poop or pee on the clothes you’re wearing for the session. Naked babies have little regard for keeping your clothes nice!

If you have any props or special items you want included in the photos, be sure to have those as well but make sure you discuss the items with your photographer. Some parents like to include toys or blankets that have significance to their family.

I always recommend that mum and dad jump in for some of the photos. Most mums are tired, recovering and don’t always feel ‘camera ready’ just a few short days after giving birth, but believe me when I say, you will be so glad to have those precious photos!

smiling baby in newborn sessions

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer any other questions you have! They’re here to help you and make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Every photographer has their own unique style and personality so make sure when you find yours that their style and images resonates with your heart. A good way to find out is by reading blogs like my friend Nicole Whyte at J’Adore Photography, a photographer in Falkirk Scotland. Check out her blog this week as she tells us all about her.

Most importantly, enjoy this moment. This is your chance to sit back and relax while watching your beautiful new baby being photographed. Every time you look back at these photos you will remember just how special the day was with your new family.

If you are still on the search for a newborn photographer I would love to chat with you. Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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