Newborn Pre-Consultation Prep – Everything You Need to Know

Newborn Pre-Consultation Prep – Everything You Need to Know

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Newborn Pre-Consultation Prep – Everything You Need to Know

As apart of my newborn pre-consultation prep, we talk in-depth about the stying of your session. What colour scheme is the newborn’s nursery? Is there a style that flows through your house? What kind of products do you want to invest in? These are just some of the questions we touch upon so I can tailor your session around you.

Here are just topics and ideas on what to think about when you start your investment in newborn photography.

Posed vs Unposed

When you are looking to commission a newborn photographer you need to decide upon which look you prefer. Photos that have posed baby’s tend to have them curled up in different poses, in buckets and props. The photographer will pay attension to finer details. She will general spend more time perfecting the pose.

Natural unposed photos are just as it says on the tin, the photographer will let baby naturally lead the session. Photographing baby in its natural and raw form takes great skill and expierance so it is not to be underestismated.

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What kind of styling is your home decor? This might not be something that most parents think about. But when you start your investment it does play a big role in the outcome of your images. Particulary if you are wanting to display on your walls. We can discuss your options in your newborn pre-consultation prep

If your home is decorated in modern colours with dark wood flooring and furnishings then you will want your images to have a dark, moody feel or a colour to compliment the key colours in your home. Where as if your home is white, fresh and airy then you would want something abit more light and pastel. Take into account where you are thinking of displaying your images? Maybe you could have just baby displayed in the nursery and a collection of family in the hallway.

dark moody photo of baby in basket

Simple or decorative

The simple classics of just baby are amazing images just as they are. It captures the enssense of new life perfectly without any distraction. Newborn photographers will have a workflow posing baby from one pose to the next using fabrics and textures to give detail and interest. The colour choice is completely up to you, you can either choice complementing colours that harmonise with each other or have just one.

In my full standard newborn session, I do offer parents the choice to have prop setups within their session. This could be anything from buckets, bowls, beds, crates or baskets. I style prop setups with you in mind and will use array of fabrics, blankets, outfits of hats to help style the image making sure baby is the main focus.

Parents & sibling photos

Most family photographers will know that the best time to photograph children is during the start of the session. It is natural for children to have a very little attention span. I always suggest taking sibling shots at the start and then everything else after that. I try and plan parents shots into my workflow so it works around baby. This is to ensure that baby isnt over handled as I transition from pose to pose with little handling of baby.

Start with the end in mind!

There will be little value to your investment in portutiure if you dont end up with a product at its end to enjoy. Thats why most photographers have a passion to educate the importance of perserving your memories by printing your photographs.

If you are after wall art like frames or canvas then you definitely need to think of where in your home you are wanting to place them. Did you want to them hung on the walls, as one big statement piece or maybe a collection telling your family story? How about your whole gallery photos printed on matted boards giving you the freedom to either have them placed on an easel on your mantelpiece or framed and given to family or friends as gifts. The options are limitless, talk to your photographer to see what products they offer as these will be professional products only available to trading photographers.

My photography friend Lisa from Cosy Toes Photography is blogging about what to wear for your Christmas photo shoot, West Sussex. Have a read as theres some great hints and tips for you to get prepared for your Christmas session, why not book in for your Christmas session. There are limited spaces and places are filling up fast, want to know more about Christmas sessions?


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