Fun Things To Do In Your Pregnancy

Fun Things To Do In Your Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world for a women. Feeling your baby grow inside you gives a mother a sense of relief and satisfaction like nothing else. But pregnancy can also put stress on both you are your partner, you can forget to have fun in your pregnancy. You need to be extra cautious of our surroundings as well as our bodies. I have always been a crafty person. I love painting, sculpting and I loved reading a lot, photography was my real passion. This was great for me as it didn’t involve a lot of strain and trauma to my growing bump. As I came into the middle of my pregnancy, I started feeling sad and low that I was not able to do more active hobbies and felt cut off from the rest of the world. The morning sickness, general fatigue and exhaustion, and hormonal changes started taking their toll over my mind and body. I just couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive!

For first-time moms, this is definitely the perfect time to do all those things that will be harder to do once the baby arrives. Even if this is a second or third pregnancy, there’s lots of fun stuff to enjoy before the upcoming months with an infant attached at the hip.

I am listing here all the fun things and hobbies that expecting mums can take up to make their pregnancy fun! Picking up even 1 or 2 can do wonders for your mind and body. Here are my fun things to do in your pregnancy…

Go on a Babymoon


If it’s just a day trip somewhere local, make these as frequently as you can. If you can take a longer vaycay/babymoon without breaking the bank, go for it. Start by making a list of the places that sound fun to you. Like the beach, the countryside, a boat ride, a museum, a festival. Spend quality time with you and your partner before all the baby drama takes over your life! Bon voyage!

Go Maternity Shopping

Trendy maternity clothes

Your growing body will start demanding a new wardrobe and why shouldn’t it be? You should still feel confident in your clothes and I don’t mean the frilly oversized doll dresses. Bump fashion has come along way and you can pick up some chic statement pieces to feel great in. Just look at Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian.

Write Down Baby Names

Choices, choices!!

Start picking names for your baby and write them down. Trust me it takes a lot of time to get to that perfect name. Did you want to go with something a bit for traditional maybe named after a family member? There are many unique and wonderful options out there. Just remember to not tell everyone, as everyone will have an opinion and this will only throw your decision off.

Decorate the Nursery


Now that your energy levels and nesting instincts are through the roof, it’s the perfect time to get your nursery in picture-perfect shape. This isn’t something you’ll want to put off until the third trimester when you’ll be knackered! Do it now, and take your time to find exactly the touches and details you want, from the right colour for the walls to just the right crib sheets and books.

Take up Swimming

When I was pregnant I found that being in the swimming pool made me feel lighter and was great for light excerises without putting in strain your body. I loved just floating in the water to give me the feeling of weightless in the water. This is particulary great if your joints are sore and are coming towards the end of your pregnancy although it’s great during the whole of your pregnancy. Most pools have dedicated time slots for pregnant ladies, just women sessions or quieter times.

Pamper yourself and have a pregnancy massage


Go get yourself booked into a spa for the day. There are many places that offer prenatal massage or facial just be aware of certain oils to avoid during pregnancy (like those with retinoid). Your sense of smell might be heightened so some smells might turn your nose the other way but you can always ask for scent-free oils and other pregnancy-safe treatments. It will help you beat the stress and calm the mood swings. Also, it helps to keep looking great and glowing!

Paint your belly

fun things to do in your pregnancy – paint your belly!

Get some non-toxic body paint and go art crazy. You can paint your belly whatever you want, a watermelon, the world, an emoji? Get your partner involved it gives great bonding time between you both. Go for it and just have fun in your pregnancy and don’t forget to take plenty of photos of the process and the final art piece!! For something a bit more artistic you can always ask art students or any other budding artists if they want to paint a something for you.

Create a Great Pregnancy Announcement or Gender Reveal


Now that you’re past the nerve-wracking first trimester, you can relax and start spreading the word! So rather than just telling people, “I’m pregnant!” consider doing something with more personal flair. It will not only make the announcement more special for friends and family but for you too. If you’ve already told everyone the news, you can create a gender-reveal announcement or even plan a party to announce whether it’s a boy or girl.

Get Comfy and Sleep!


Let’s face it you’ll porberly won’t get much of that when the baby arrives. They’l be alot of broken sleep through the night, taking naps through the day and you won’t know what day of the week it will be. Take this time to sleep in your comfy spot either in your bed or on the sofa in front of the TV. You are growing a little human inside of you so rest your body and don’t feel guilty for sleeping in!!

Hanky Panky

It’s a great stress buster if your feeling sad and low and also releases happy hormones. Let’s face it you won’t want to think about anyone being near you once you’ve pushed a baby out of your hoo-hah.

Write about your pregnancy journey


How about documenting your pregnancy in a dairy. You could write down your feelings, a fun activity you did or you could get creative with words and write a poem. Write down all your feeling bad or good and when you read back on them it will remind you of the journey that you embarked on. You could write a letter to your unborn child describing the world you live in now, what you enjoy doing or who you live with. One day you can pass all this down to your children as an heirloom. How special would that be for your children to inherit?

Date Night at a Posh Resturant


Finally, now that you can eat things and hold them down, you’ve probably got an appetite! So ask your other half to join you on a date night at a fancy restaurant where you can really indulge! After all, as they always say, you’re eating for two, so make it count!

Meet Friends

Work pressures and other daily chores do not leave us enough time to talk to people who matter to us. Being at home all day gives you a great chance to catch up with your old friends. Invite them over for a movie night with popcorn. Surely after that baby is born you will not find much time to enjoy movies! Or why not pop out for a fancy lunch and coffee at your favorite place!!

Newborn Photo Session – Huddersfield

A baby shoot typically takes place when the baby is between 3 – 14 days old. For this reason, I highly suggest that you book whilst you are pregnant as it will be one less thing to stress about when you have just come home from the hospital. I book your due date in my calendar with 7days and we adjust it as needed.

My standard newborn sessions include your favorite tangible product for your home along with all your edited images for you to keep – I don’t make you pick out a few images from them all, it just wouldn’t be fair. Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and collection starts from £399.

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  1. Beautiful ideas here, sometimes we focus so much on baby we forget mum is having a tricky time during pregnancy

  2. I cant wait to share this blog with my friend who is expecting, so many fun ideas! Thank you so much <3

  3. Nothing beats going to the beach, especially if it looks like the one in your stunning image. Also you can’t beat a pamper!

  4. I loved designing the nursery when I was pregnant! I had Pinterest boards and loads of samples from diy stores… it was lots of fun!

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