Elf on the Shelf Planner 2019

Elf on the Shelf Planner 2019

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Download your free Elf on the Shelf Planner 2019

Christmas can be one of my favorite time of the year. Even the most cynical of us can’t argue that there isn’t something a little bit magical about the holiday, especially if you’ve got a little one in your life. What can make Christmas so exciting can be the many traditions that we each take part every year….cue cute smiley Elf on the Shelf!

‘But what is Elf on the Shelf?‘ I hear you cry? Well it basically is one of Santa’s Scout Elves sent to spy on your kids. He stays with you and your family everyday from the 1st of December till Christmas Eve and reports back to The Big Red Man nightly to whether you’ve been bad or good. He then returns back in the morning ready and waiting in a new spot for your kids to find him.

This usually means as a parent it is seeing our babies excitedly hunting around for their tiny smiley buddy. Simply moving the elf around each night provides a fun searching game for your tot that they’ll love. Watch them jump out of bed in the morning as they rush to try and find where their jolly pal has moved to!

You can be a bit more creative and create different situations that your elf has gotten into in the night. Little ones will wake up each morning, eager to see what mischief their elf has gotten into the night before. Perhaps they’ll have gotten themselves caught up in all the Christmas decorations, or they might be relaxing in a on the sofa watching Peppa Pig. Have a look at the elf on the shelf website for more fun ideas for your elf!

You’ll be glad to know that this year can be completely hassle-free when it comes to your Elfish antics!  We’ve created a free Elf planner download for you to keep to organise your planning

Click here to download your free Elf on the Shelf Planner

Being a parent is difficult enough, so you won’t find complex scenarios, elaborate props or artistic creations being used in these plans, you just need simple household items to create your Christmas magic.

Now that you have a copy downloaded, why not help a fellow parent out with the Elf on the Shelf planner. Just click on the share button and spread some Christmas joy and festivity around this year and all that jazz!!!

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  1. This is so helpful with those naughty little elves

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