Digital backdrops – Newborn Photographer Huddersfield

Digital backdrops – Newborn Photographer Huddersfield

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You may have noticed that some of my images include big elaborate styling. Specifically, they are called digital backdrops and you may hear me say them quite a bit in your session or consultation. This may include hundreds of flowers arranged in a way that may make you think it had taken ages to create. Read on to learn more about how I create these beautiful images.

It is called digital backdrop photography and its effects are mostly achieved in post-production in photo editing software after a newborn shoot. Baby is photographed on my posing beanbag and then later edited into a digital backdrop. Not only does this create a safer workplace with the baby but using less time in your sessions. Let me show you some of the results that we have achieved using digital backdrops.

After your pre-consultation we discuss your styling and colour options, this gives me an idea of what kind of digital backdrop to use. By doing this I know what colours, shades and styling will fit with the digital backdrop.

Planning and having a good base image is key to work with when compositing afterwards. At your session, I photograph baby on my Perfect Posie to get the best angle and light.

So yes this means I don’t bring all those flowers to your session only my cosy small posing bean!

In post-production is where all the magic happens, merging the two images together to create one statement piece of artwork. It’s a specific tool that we photographers use frequently in newborn photography. Giving clients more creative images for your bespoke gallery, if you want to see more check out my gallery.

Fellow newborn photographer Kirsty at Bella Photography, Fife has also incorporated the freedom of digital backdrops into her client’s gallery. Check out her gallery and blog to see her beautiful work.

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  1. You are really talented! Wow, I would love to have a few digital backdrops if I were booking a newborn session with you!

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