Christmas Mini Sessions – Behind the Scenes

Christmas Mini Sessions – Behind the Scenes

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I am super excited about launching my Christmas sessions this year. So I thought I would give you an exclusive look at exactly what goes on during a Christmas session photography shoot for blog content, Instagram images etc.

Starts with A Concept

It all starts with a concept and this year I decided to go for two themes. One around cookies and milk and the other a cool relaxing lounge. I knew I wanted to have more than one setup as this gives my clients a variety of different setups. And just general fun for me as I love designing my sets and the more the merrier. I only had space for two otherwise I would have done more!

Setup of christmas session
Behind the scenes

The first setup, I used two dark wood effect backdrops on the wall and the floor. I added garlands that I hade bought from The Range to add a more festive feel to the setup. Most of my decor I source from antique stores, photography prop vendors and at car boots sale. Its all about building up the scene and adding elemants to give interest to the final setup.

I know that I really wanted a red vintage lamp, weirdly enough I found the perfect one in the attic of my in-law’s house. Talk about luck!! I love the idea of having the lamplight shining as if it was the night of Christmas eve. It creates a nice woody, earthy warm feel and that is what Christmas is about. I wanted to capture that in my images as it gives a magical feeling.

Dark, moody Christmas Eve

I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas…

For the second setup, I ordered this lush Christmas lounge scene and added my cream flokati rug on the floor. I love being creative and I wanted to create some DIY props for my setups. These were just a few of the things that I worked on.

girl sitting in christmas lounge
White Christmas mini session – Hudderfield, West Yorkshire
DIY presents at christmas session

In the actual backdrop, you can see there are some brown presents on the floor around the Christmas tree. I wanted to make the setup look more realistic, so I decided to gift wrap some boxes in brown paper. Then finished them off with a ribbon tied in a bow!! Its all these little small elements that will make or break a setup and I think this tied in well with the theme.

I wanted to have a few baubles on the floor as props and toys but most baubles are not suitable for children with them being delicate so I bought some ordinary baubles and winded knitting wool round to create wool baubles and there we have wool baubles! Safe for babies and I thought they looked kinda neat on my rug!

Knitted baubles for christmas tree
Wool Baubles!!!

Now as I am a mother of two I am fully aware that children will not sit still…period!! You might be able to squeeze in afew moments when they first arrive and everything is new to them. But then they start to get curious and start touching things, which is absolutly natural to them!!

Let The Fun Begin…

So in the Christmas session setups, I have added some small activities that children can be doing to keep them happy and content. There will be Christmas books, wooden toys and for extra bribery, there will be cookies!!! This also can create some great candid moments at your session and will give variaty to your images in your gallery.

Behind the scenes of christmas photoshoot

Strike A Pose

I already had roped in my husband and kids to help model for me weeks back, so this is me and Rayah on my white setup. She does listen to me when she wants to and is more co-operative then the boy which he had just had a massive meltdown and wanted to sit on the side and observe. Children will always do what they want and you simply can’t make them do something they are not comfortable with. I would rather re-schedule a shoot then try and attempt to create a happy moment for a child who clearly doesn’t want to be here.

behind the scenes of christmas
Behind the scenes: Christmas Mini Session

That is one thing I do ask of parents at any mini session especially when you are with young children. Is to help place your children where they need to be and get them to look at the camera. This is so I can fully concentrate on getting the shot I need. Children can be so unpredictable, so I need to make sure I capture the moment before I miss it. It can get totally crazy with parents singing and dancing but its all part of the fun and we all have a great time!!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Christmas session setups. Hopefully this has given you an insight of what goes on behind a setup for a photoshoot. I am so excited to start shooting for my Christmas minis I know they will be a lot of fun!!

My friend Sarah who is a photographer in Yeovil Somerset promoted her sessions weeks ago. She is talking about things to do in your third trimester, so if you haven’t had your baby yet or are expecting to take a look at her blog post.

For more information please visit Christmas Mini Sessions.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact Us page.

Hope to see you all soon, Mya x x

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