Name this Image – Baby Shoot Huddersfield

Name this Image – Baby Shoot Huddersfield

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Name this Image – Baby Shoot Huddersfield

As a creative, every now and again I love to experiment with ideas and my creations. It gives me a sense of great fulfillment and feeds my soul with creativity and more ideas for images to create for my lovely clients.

I offer baby shoots around Huddersfield in the comfort of my clients’ home but every now and again I love to have a little play and capture something special and unique.

They usually take up a bit more time on the setup and editing on these sorts of images but the final image is something Iv created from scratch and gives me my creative play.

I still need to name this beautiful image. What do you think?

Post your ideas in the comments and the winner will win something from me as a thank you!!

newborn photo Huddersfield

Baby Photographer Huddersfield

A baby shoot typically takes place when the baby is between 3 – 14 days old. For this reason, I highly suggest that you book whilst you are pregnant as it will be one less thing to stress about when you have just come home from the hospital. I book your due date in my calendar with 7days and we adjust it as needed.

My standard newborn sessions include your favorite tangible product for your home along with all your edited images for you to keep – I don’t make you pick out a few images from them all, it just wouldn’t be fair. Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and collection starts from £399.

Take a peek at our investment guide to see the beautiful wall art we can create for your family home.

My friend Joanne Lewis newborn photographer in Hertfordshire has done some creative projects within her business, check out her blog this week about Children’s Birthday Party photography in Hertfordshire

baby shoot photo
Huddersfield Baby Shoot

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  1. That is so cool!

  2. Oh wow that’s beautiful!

  3. ‘Whisper’ Or ‘Cocoon’ ‘ Tiny Armour’ Beautiful works of Art.

  4. Wow this is amazing!

  5. Beautiful images

  6. Lovely images

  7. This is so beautiful. Very talented baby photographer!

  8. Beautiful image. Very creative.

  9. Wow thats fab.

  10. Your work is beautiful

  11. Love it!

    Fire and Ice x

  12. beautiful, ‘storm’ I would call it!

  13. Beautiful work

  14. The words fire and storm come to mind when I look at the picture, love it.

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