Baby Safety & Posing – Huddersfield Photographer

Baby Safety & Posing – Huddersfield Photographer

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As a baby photographer, my job is to take beautiful photos of newborn baby’s when they arrive in this world. Photographs are a gateway for us to be able to be transported back to the time that photo was taken. They not only capture what we can see but also our feelings, emotions of what we went through at the most incredible time in our lives.

A photo session doesn’t end when I leave your home, well not for me anyway. Your images go into my editing suite and are each hand-edited like magic to show your new baby at its perfect best. I like to keep most of the baby’s detail whilst toning down on other areas like red hands and feet, lumps and bumps or flaky skin.

This pose is known as the froggy pose and although it looks like the baby is holding her own head up really this would never happen. The weight of baby’s head would put pressure on baby’s wrists and this would be very unsafe for her. Not to mention that baby are very unpredictable and can suddenly jerk and move.

Not all babies will go into this pose as some are more flexible then others so its always a good to make sure she isn’t showing any discomfort. How I achieve this pose is first by getting her where I want to be with toes tucked in behind her arms and hands resting well on her chin. With a hand always on baby, I then take my first shot, then either with the help of mum I would then hold baby’s head in place on top and take my second shot.

It’s so important to know that this pose is ALWAYS done as a composite and left for someone trained and who knows the safety aspect of achieving this image. In post-editing, I would then merge the two images together and edit out the hands to create the illusion that the baby is holding her head up.

I make creative decisions on each and every image to make sure that the image is well balanced in composition, tone and detail. The process of perfecting each image typically takes longer than the newborn session itself which is why you have to wait a couple of weeks to view your images. It’s not because I am sitting around the office – honest! It’s so worth the wait.

Here is an example of a before and after post-processing of an image.

Baby Photographer Huddersfield

A newborn shoot typically takes place when the baby is between 3 – 14 days old. For this reason, I highly suggest that you book whilst you are pregnant as it will be one less thing to stress about when you have just come home from the hospital. I book your due date in my calendar with 7days and we adjust it as needed.

My standard newborn sessions include your favorite tangible product for your home along with all your edited images for you to keep – I don’t make you pick out a few images from them all, it just wouldn’t be fair. Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and collection starts from £399.

Take a peek at our investment guide to see the beautiful wall art we can create for your family home.

My photographer friend Brooke Duley based in Australia, newborn photographer in Sunshine Coast loves her job as much as I do. Check out what she is blogging about this week.

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